Proud students knew hard work paid off!

Education is key to eradicating poverty and tools to evolve one’s given potential. If the opportunity is available to students, especially starting from a lower grade, the fruit ripens easily to smell and stimulate satisfaction. Our grade 8 students at Atse Nakutolab Primary School prove it.

Since 2021 New Bright Community Development Center has partnered with two public schools, one primary and one secondary to ensure quality education. Since then enormous intervention has been implemented. Tutorial classes for grades 8, 11, and 12 after school and on weekends, provision of training on effective study skills, managing exam anxiety, social and life skills, motivate them to organize monthly question and answer sessions and award the contestants, avail reference books based on the new curriculum and capacitate school teachers and administrators on the 21st-century teaching methodology and gender-responsive approach and monthly sanitary pad provision for school – girls who couldn’t afford.

These interventions in collaboration with the teachers’ and school principals’ efforts plus the students’ hard work paid off. Those students who sat for the regional grade 8 exam were able to join high school 100%. Among the schools found in the Gulele sub-city only two of them are able to pass 100% one is Atse Nakutolab Primary School.

We are excited by the achievement! BIG CONGRATULATIONS to the students, their parents, the school community, and NBCDC. The whole year’s commitment showed its fruit. We celebrated and acknowledged the hard work. Students who scored above 90% were awarded in the presence of a representative from the Addis Ababa Education Bureau. Parents and caregivers, school principal and community, and NBCDC staff.

We share our heartfelt acknowledgment and appreciation for the hard work of all stakeholders.


Accomplished students recognized the rewards of their diligent efforts!

Education serves as the pivotal tool for eradicating poverty and nurturing one’s inherent potential. When the opportunity is accessible to students, especially from the early stages, the outcomes mature effortlessly, producing the fragrance of success and fostering contentment. This fact is exemplified by the eighth-grade students at Atse Nakutolab Primary School.

Since 2021, New Bright Community Development Center (NBCDC) has forged partnerships with two public schools – one primary and one secondary – in order to ensure the delivery of high-quality education. In the intervening period, a plethora of interventions has been set in motion. Supplementary tutorial sessions have been conducted for grades 8, 11, and 12, both after regular school hours and on weekends. Training sessions on effective study techniques, managing exam-related stress, as well as social and life skills have been provided. These initiatives have inspired the students to organize monthly question-and-answer sessions, rewarding participants. Furthermore, reference materials aligned with the updated curriculum have been made available, and school educators and administrators have been capacitated in 21st-century teaching methodologies and gender-responsive approaches. Additionally, a monthly provision of sanitary pads has been established to support schoolgirls who face financial constraints.

Through collaborative endeavors with teachers and school principals, alongside the unwavering dedication of the students, these interventions have borne fruit. The students who undertook the regional grade 8 exams achieved a 100% transition rate to high school. Remarkably, out of the schools within the Gulele sub-city, only two achieved this feat, with Atse Nakutolab Primary School standing as one of them.

The attainment has ignited our enthusiasm! We extend a resounding CONGRATULATIONS to the students, their parents, the school community, and NBCDC. The year-long commitment has culminated in a tangible achievement. A celebratory event was held to honor and acknowledge these achievements. Students who secured scores exceeding 90% were felicitated in the presence of a representative from the Addis Ababa Education Bureau, parents, caregivers, school principals, community members, and NBCDC staff.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude and recognition to all stakeholders who played a role in this achievement through their tireless efforts.

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