In a celebration of creativity, New Bright had the privilege of participating in the prestigious 2023 Great Art Sale, a captivating two-day event held at the luxurious Hilton Hotel in the heart of Addis Ababa. Our hearts overflow with gratitude as we extend our deepest appreciation to the Ethiopian Painters and Sculptors Association for their generous support, which provided us with a dedicated display corner to showcase the incredible talents of our children.

The spotlight of the event shone on fifteen exceptionally talented teenagers and young adults, currently immersed in an intensive paint art training program through our project. These budding artists, operating at an advanced level, unveiled over 30 awe-inspiring pieces of art, capturing the essence of their creative souls. Not only did this event serve as a platform to highlight New Bright, but it also opened doors to connect with a broader, appreciative audience.

Participating in such a prestigious art sale was a transformative experience for our young artists. They had the unique opportunity to rub shoulders with distinguished artists and seasoned professionals in the field, gaining profound insights and inspiration from a wealth of artistic expression.

However, the real magic happened when our talented artists stood beside their masterpieces, articulately sharing the depth of thought and emotion behind each stroke of the brush. They shared the stage with renowned professional artists, opening up a dialogue that transcended words. This moment was a turning point, igniting a fiery motivation within our project’s trainees.

More than just displaying their art, our young talents found their voices, and their self-confidence soared. This event became a pivotal chapter in their artistic journeys, a catalyst for aspirations to reach even greater heights in their pursuit of mastering their craft.

The 2023 Great Art Sale was not just a showcase of art; it was a celebration of human potential, determination, and the transformative power of creative expression. New Bright remains committed to nurturing these young talents and providing them with the tools they need to shine even brighter on the canvas of life. As we celebrate their triumphs, we also look forward to witnessing the remarkable artistic journeys that lie ahead, where each stroke and each creation will tell a story of hope, resilience, and the enduring power of art.

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