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Educational intervention is one of the priority areas of New Bright project, where we closely work with local government schools and students, to contribute towards maintaining better academic performances of students and build school capacities.  

Our effort includes providing after-school tutorial services for 8th, 11th, and 12th-grade students, in both primary and secondary schools, with an objective of preparing students for matriculation and university entrance exams, parallel to coaching them in effective methods of study skills and exam stress management techniques. Again, students are motivated periodically in different sessions to aspire them to join colleges/universities, for higher educational achievement, through sharing experiences as well.  

The project also strives to build the capacity of local schools also, through the facilitation of tailored training for school teachers annually, apart from strengthening school libraries through the donation of books that are essential and up-to-date to students. In this regard, particularly during the 2015 (E.C) academic year 2022/23, the school curriculum has changed in primary schools, and students had great difficulty accessing the new textbooks on time which adversely affected the teaching and learning process in general.    

Knowing this fact, and also the existing need among lower grade students to access various books and subject-based reference materials, New Bright donated textbooks to ‘Atse nakutolab’ primary school worth ETB 20,000.00, that is particularly useful for 6th and 8th-grade students, who will be taking national exams at the end the academic.

We are pleased to work with schools and put joint efforts into achieving our common goal, not only aiding students to move from class to class every year but also enabling them to achieve excellent results and supporting them acquire in-depth knowledge on every subject matter, through developing a reading habit.    

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