Witnessing young people overcome numerous obstacles and become successful is a great reward for the staff at New Bright. We have been working tirelessly towards our ultimate goal of supporting vulnerable young individuals in their education and psychosocial development and showing them the right path to realizing their dreams and successes in life. This remains to be the joy of all our dedicated staff who have been closely working with the youth, for the last several years.

We have been part of their success journey, since the days in their high school, playing the role as members of a family, closely monitoring their education, behavioral and emotional development. New Bright has been sharing their feelings, and counsel at times of their needs. The youth project also opened an opportunity for these young people to participate in extracurricular activities, which enabled many to reveal their hidden abilities and talents.

The financial assistance provided during their stays in colleges and higher vocational training had the objective of addressing their economic constraints, which often potentially distract their proper training and hope for success.   

Hence, we have been together for a long, along their journey and growth, which made us fortunate in the end also, to witness their achievements and academic successes. 

To date, our organization has extended all-around educational support for 50 needy youngsters and youth from the community, who are now trained in various fields of studies and maintained job opportunities, to support themselves and their families.  

Congratulation again! May your great achievements be a source of hope and strength as you begin the next chapter of your life!  We wish you to be fruitful in your career development, and strongly believe that you will also make your family and country proud”

“We extend our sincere gratitude to Hope for Children Fund and its president, Carol Rheese. The support and partnership made with the project has been instrumental in allowing us to turn our ideas into action and celebrate this day with joy”

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